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Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

4-pack /Longtime favorite with a distinctly sweet flavor: great for salads and slaws.

Brussel Sprouts

4-pack / Classic stalks of mini sprouts, needs at least 20" space all-around plant.

Rainbow Chard

4-pack / Green or bronze leaves with stems of gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white. Easy to grow.


Single 3" pot / $3.00 A member of the onion family, with a subtle onion flavor and soft texture.


4-pack / Works well in containers and garden beds alike. A great addition to any salad!

Common Mint

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Grown for its aromatic and flavorful leaves, mint is a great addition to any herb garden


3" pot / $3.00 A staple of the herb garden. Dusty, green leaves that can be used in dressings, sauces, salts and...

Sweet Marjoram

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Aroma is similar to oregano, but sweeter and more balsam-like. A compact plant.

Black Magic Lacinato Kale

4-pack / Also known as dinosaur kale, its taste is described as "slightly sweeter and more delicate than curly...

Mixed red and green lettuce

4-pack / $5.00 Great for cut and come again

Italian Basil

4-pack / Classic Italian basil variety with authentic flavor and appearance.

Red Ruben Basil

4-pack / $5.00 A basil variety that has reddish-purple leaves, creating a unique look in salads. Easy to grow and...

Red Cabbage

4-pack /Slightly sweeter in flavor than green, red cabbage is a colorful addition to salads and slaws.


4-pack / A standard cilantro variety. Slow-bolting. Grown primarily for its leaves, the seeds and flowers are also...

Marketmore Cucumber

4-pack /Standard slicing variety. Cucumbers are long, slender and have skin that is slightly bumpy

Italian Purple Eggplant

3" pot/ Classic Italian eggplant. Deep purple and glossy when mature.

Asian Long Eggplant

3" pot /Long, slender and oblong. Its smooth skin is thin and purple-black

Carmine Pepper

Single 3" pot A great-tasting sweet Italian frying pepper. Excellent roasted, grilled, and in salads.

New Ace Pepper

Single 3" pot /One of the earliest peppers to mature with good, consistent yields. A sweet pepper variety.

Shishito Pepper

Single 3" pot / A small, sweet Japanese pepper. Loads of flavor, not a lot of heat.

Early Jalapeno – HOT

Single 3" pot / An early maturing jalapeno pepper variety. Enjoy fresh or pickled. Does best when temperatures...

Hungarian Pepper - HOT

Single 3" pot / Similar in size to a banana pepper but much hotter. Comparable in heat to a Jalapeno Pepper.

Krimzon Lee Pepper - HOT

Single 3" pot / Thick-fleshed paprika-type pepper with moderate heat. This sweet and spicy pepper is great for...

Mixed Yellow Squash and Zucchini

4-pack / 4 pack with two yellow squash and 2 zuchini

Slick Pick Yellow Squash

4-pack / Touted for its earliness and consistent prolific production. Excellent mild flavor.

Raven Zucchini

4-pack / Raven sets the standard for dark green zucchini. Smooth-skinned and glossy with great flavor.

Nasturtium Jewel Mix

Single 3" pot / $3.00 A well-known mix of singles and doubles. These bright, 2" blooms of red, pink, orange,...

President Tyler Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Deep purple blooms. Fast-growing, large vines with attractive heart-shaped foliage. Easy to...

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Magnificent 4-5" cheerful blooms are bright sky-blue. Fast-growing, large vines with...

Scarlet Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Fast-growing, 8-10 ft. vines with attractive foliage and cheerful rosy 3-4" flowers....

Holly Hock - Creme de Cassis/ Blackcurrant

Single 3" pot. $3.00. These raspberry-red and blackcurrant flowers have white edges and striking yellow centers.

Big Beef Tomato

Single 3" pot / The name says it all! large red fruit with an old-fashioned beefsteak tomato flavor. (avg. 10-12...

Jet Star Tomato

Single 3" pot / Jet Star tomato plants produce big yields of medium-large globe-shaped fruit. Low acidity with...

San Marzano Plum Tomato

Single 3" pot / A fantastic sauce tomato. Bright red in color with an elongated shape. Similar in appearance to a...

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Single 3" pot / Yields plentiful clusters of perfectly round 1" cherry tomatoes that are deep red with a...

Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes

Single 3" pot / A reliable red cherry tomato with prolific yield all season long. Indeterminate

Sun Gold Tomatoes

Single 3" pot / A popular variety of cherry tomato, Sungold ripens early to a golden orange color and is juicy...

Tomato Berry

Single 3" pot / An early maturing plant that produces plentiful clusters of 1-2 oz bright red strawberry shaped...

Brandywine Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Brandywine sets the standard for heirloom tomato varieties. Superb flavor and a luscious shade of...

Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Cherokee purple tomatoes have a rich, dark color and a sweet, rich taste. A great slicing tomato.

Green Cherokee Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Medium-sized green fruits with some yellowish-orange color when ripe. A bold, acidic, complex...

Green Zebra Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / produces small-medium (3oz avg.) fruits that are chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes. Flesh...

Japanese Black Trifele Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Heirloom variety with an unusual pear shape and rich burgundy color. (4-6 oz avg.) Indeterminate.

Pruden's Purple Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Dark pinkish-purple skin, this heirloom produces large 1 lb. fruits with firm, meaty crimson...

Tie Dye Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Beautiful and smooth-skinned. These 7 oz. gold fruits are marbled with red and orange streaks....

Valencia Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Sunny orange fruits with full tomato flavor. A midseason tomato known for its flavor and texture...

Aunt Molly Husk Cherry Tomato

Single 3" pot / Also known as Ground Cherries--the fruit have a sweet, tangy, citrus flavor and can be used for...

Toma Verde Tomatillos

Single 3" pot / Early-maturing, large, flat-round green fruits. Use in salsas and in Mexican cuisine. A great...

Carbon Heirloom Tomato

Single 3" pot / Highly productive black heirloom with excellent flavor. Resists cracking and cat-facing better...

Amythest Basil

Amethyst Genovese basil is a sweet basil cultivar that is favored in Europe

Jade Green Beans

Slender, deep-green pods are exceptionally tender and delicious. Large, upright plants keep beans clean and straight.

Rainbow Salad Cutting Mix

Create your own beautiful salads with this beautiful mix

Gold Italian Pepper

Attractive, very sweet, half-size version of Corno di Toro Escamillo.

Serrano Hot Pepper

High-yielding traditional serrano type.

Cayenne Hot Pepper

Our most versatile and flavorful cayenne.

Sun Peach Cherry Tomato

Delicious pink cherry tomato with leaf mold resistance.

Pickling Cucumber

Stress-tolerant, disease-resistant cucumbers for pickles, fresh eating.

Silver Slicer Cucumber

Precious silver slicing cucumber.

Romaine Lettuce

Vibrant green with that great crunchy texture.

Empress of India Nasturtium

Scarlet flowers stand out amid the dark blue-green foliage of this old-fashioned favorite.

Peaches and Dreams Holly Hock

3" pot / $3.00 Bears tall flower spikes of fully double, power-puff blooms in peach-cream, some with a hint of...

Glow Pepper

Beautiful, thick-walled mini bells. Deliciously sweet and fruity. 2–3 lobed, tapered fruits are 4–5" long.

Mad Hatter Pepper

Unusually shaped peppers resemble a bishop's crown, avg. 2 1/4" in diameter. Moderately sweet flesh with...

Green Cabbage

Crunchy green cabbage, great for fresh eating

Five Star Grape

A classic grape tomato variety. Plants bear clusters of delicious red fruit. Indeterminate

White Cherry Tomato

Appealing, pale yellow cherry tomatoes with surprising sweet, mild taste. Easy to pick.

Mountain Merit

8-10 oz., red slicer with an excellent disease resistance.

Mountain Fresh Tomato

Tolerates cool/wet conditions, this big red tomato produces attractive, 8-16 oz. slicers with good flavor.

Chaters Double Holly Hock Mix

Double 4-6 in. wide flowers. Blooms in early to mid summer, produce impressive 5-7 ft. tall flower spikes.

The Bride Double White Hollyhock

Double 4-6 in. wide flowers. Blooms in early to mid summer, produce impressive 5-7 ft. tall flower spikes.

Goldie Yellow Tomato

Single 3" pot/ Large golden yellow oblong shape. Sweet and less acidic.

Hot Streak Tomato

Vibrant striped fruit. Firm red fruit with yellow stripes and outstanding flavor. Fruits avg. 6–12 oz.

Cornito Arancia

Gold medium sized Italian pepper, Extremely sweet--great raw, grilled, roasted or stir fried.

Lemon Boy

A classic yellow tomato with flattened-round, 7–8 oz. beefsteak fruits that are consistent in size, shape, and...

Weavers Black Brandywine

Also known as True Black Brandywine. Pairing smoky depth of “black” tomatoes with the full tart and sweet balance of...

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