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Weekend of May 14th and 15th

Pick up at Indian Line Farm May 14th or at the Great Barrington Farmers Market May 15th

Italian Basil

4-pack / $4.00 Classic Italian basil variety with authentic flavor and appearance.

Amythest Basil

Amethyst Genovese basil is a sweet basil cultivar that is favored in Europe

Empress of India Nasturtium

Scarlet flowers stand out amid the dark blue-green foliage of this old-fashioned favorite.


Single 3" pot / $3.00 A member of the onion family, with a subtle onion flavor and soft texture.


Single 3" pot / $3.00 Strong oregano aroma and flavor; great for pizza and Italian cooking.


1 3" pot / $3.00 A staple of the herb garden. Dusty, green leaves that can be used in dressings, sauces, salts...


French type with bright lemon flavor; allows for extended harvest.

Italian Purple Eggplant

1 3" pot/ $2.00 Classic Italian eggplant. Deep purple and glossy when mature.

Asian Long Eggplant

1 3" pot / $2.00 Long, slender and oblong. Its smooth skin is thin and purple-black

New Ace Pepper

Single 3" pot / $2.00 One of the earliest peppers to mature with good, consistent yields. A sweet pepper variety.

Cornito Giallo/Long Italian Yellow Pepper

Attractive, very sweet, half-size version of Corno di Toro Escamillo.

Carmine Pepper

Single 3" pot / $2.00 A great-tasting sweet Italian frying pepper. Excellent roasted, grilled, and in salads.

Revolution Green Pepper

The fruit, medium green to red maturing, has good wall thickness and a four-lobed shape.

Shishito Pepper

Single 3" pot / $2.00 A small, sweet Japanese pepper. Loads of flavor, not a lot of heat.

Early Jalapeno – HOT

Single 3" pot / $2.00 An early maturing jalapeno pepper variety. Enjoy fresh or pickled. Does best when...

Hungarian Pepper - HOT

Single 3" pot / $2.00 Similar in size to a banana pepper but much hotter. Comparable in heat to a Jalapeno Pepper.

Krimzon Lee Pepper - HOT

Single 3" pot / $2.00 Thick-fleshed paprika-type pepper with moderate heat. This sweet and spicy pepper is great...

Serrano Hot Pepper

High-yielding traditional serrano type.

Habanero Hot Pepper

Magnificent fruits; earlier, more productive than regular habaneros.

Cayenne Hot Pepper

Our most versatile and flavorful cayenne.

Brussel Sprouts

4-pack / $4.00 Classic stalks of mini sprouts, needs at least 20" space all-around plant.

Mixed Yellow Squash and Zucchini

4-pack / $4.00 4 pack with two yellow squash and 2 zuchinni

Slick Pick Yellow Squash

4-pack / $4.00 Touted for its earliness and consistent prolific production. Excellent mild flavor.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Magnificent 4-5" cheerful blooms are bright sky-blue. Fast-growing, large vines with...

Scarlet Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Fast-growing, 8-10 ft. vines with attractive foliage and cheerful rosy 3-4" flowers....

President Tyler Morning Glory

Single 3" pot / $3.00 Deep purple blooms. Fast-growing, large vines with attractive heart-shaped foliage. Easy to...

Nasturtium Jewel Mix

Single 3" pot / $3.00 A well-known mix of singles and doubles. These bright, 2" blooms of red, pink, orange,...

Zinnia - Lime Blotch

6-pack / $4.00 High yield of long, sturdy stems with 4-6" large blooms. Excellent vase life.

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